Our Goals

We have three main goals with the Gresham MusicFest:

1. To provide a fun music event for youth and young adults that sends a positive message and offers a way to help connect them with faith and support groups where they live.

2. To encourage churches, organizations, and businesses to unite around a shared vision: to invest in the young people of our community.

3. To give back to our community. 10% of all funds raised for/at the event will be donated to a local charity. In 2022, this charity will be My Father's House.

Meet the team.

These are the churches, businesses, and organizations that work together to put on the Gresham MusicFest. As this is our first year, we are starting small but we believe in Gresham and want to do what we can to make it a great place to live! If you want to join the team, reach out to us!

Generations Church

Family Worship Center

Clear Creek Church

Rockwood Church of God

Our Awesome Sponsors

These guys believe in what we're trying to do - so much so that they're putting their money where their mouth is. Or their treasure where their heart is! Please share the love in return and consider visiting them the next time you're in the market for the services they provide!
Burnside & Eastman location
Hogan Road location
Gresham Station Location